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Make this DIY camera bag and lens sleeve from an old hoodie to protect your camera in your carry-on travel bag.

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What happens when designers get bored? Or need to hone their skills? Or need a 365 project? I think it’s this. I just found this on tumbler. A few are pretty epic. Like this: Now I am at my desk trying to get work done, but all I want to...

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This weekend I decided to redo the back stairs leading from the basement family room to the front landing. The paint was in need of refreshing and the painters that were hired by the owner before me used a ton of caulk on the floor.

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Find out where the bulk of economic crime occurs and what type of crime is most common. Shame on you, Kenya. 66% of companies in that country report economic crime of some sort. The U.S. is 9th with 45%.

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The US is a national leader. We hate playing second fiddle to Europe. Well in this case, Europe can take it (although not by much) as the world leader in shoplifting.

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