By: melminnella On: March 8, 2012 In: Fun Comments: 0

What are the odds that you exist as you today? Day 8 of Infographics and Icon Month brings you a more complicated view of why we are here and extends it to how likely is it that we are who we are?

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By: melminnella On: March 7, 2012 In: Fun Comments: 0

Not sure if you should date? This flowchart can help you figure it out based on your situation and other relevant factors.

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Want to know more about the largest bankruptcies in history? Look no further. I love the idea that they companies are sinking ships.

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Who doesn't love the patriarch of Parks and Rec, Ron Swanson? His wisdom and grasp of the inner workings of society and government are pricess. It was during his coaching of the boys basketball team that this gem surfaced - Ron Swanson's Pyramid of Greatness.

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By: melminnella On: March 2, 2012 In: Fun, Reviews Comments: 0

My BFF Susan just filled me in on The Noun Project which is a coop of iconic vector art. All images have to represent either a person, place or thing, be black and white, and .svg files.

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