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Find out where the bulk of economic crime occurs and what type of crime is most common. Shame on you, Kenya. 66% of companies in that country report economic crime of some sort. The U.S. is 9th with 45%.

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A very somber infographic for today. The number of vehicles in fatal car crashes in 2010 broken down by month, time of week, highest, fewest and totals for the year. Find out which month is the most dangerous.

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Who doesn't love the patriarch of Parks and Rec, Ron Swanson? His wisdom and grasp of the inner workings of society and government are pricess. It was during his coaching of the boys basketball team that this gem surfaced - Ron Swanson's Pyramid of Greatness.

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My BFF Susan just filled me in on The Noun Project which is a coop of iconic vector art. All images have to represent either a person, place or thing, be black and white, and .svg files.

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It just seemed wrong to not recognize this fine piece of art since I posted the other font portrait photos. I remember when Pam presented it to Jim as her summer project.

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