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A little late for St. Patrick's Day, but no worries - Ireland didn't even make the top ten. The World Health Organization's report on the consequences of global alcohol consumption.

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For the mystery buff. The top ten most prolific world-wide murderers in the past 50 years. Complete with MO, numbers (some approximate), and their stomping grounds.

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A very somber infographic for today. The number of vehicles in fatal car crashes in 2010 broken down by month, time of week, highest, fewest and totals for the year. Find out which month is the most dangerous.

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Not in the know on the topic of fruitcake? A fruitcake is more than a brick of dried fruit and flour - you should know that. Learn the basic ingredients, optional ones, fruitcake origins and alternate uses for fruitcake if you just can't bring yourself to attempt digestion.

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I heart inforgraphics, especially one that is relevant and makes my life easier! Today's find will help you decided which beer you should have.

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